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Enabling plain-text authentication without SSL on Dovecot

If you have a mail server set up by Laser Shark on your VPS, you will be using Dovecot to manage your incoming mail. Sometimes, if you're trying to connect, you won't be able to use plain-text authentication over an insecure connection, but you may be unable to use a secure (SSL) connection because your certificate is self-signed.

If you do not wish to purchase or configure an SSL certificate, you can follow these steps to enable plain-text authentication without SSL. This will compromise the security of your server.

  1. Log on to your server with root privileges, or type sudo su to become root.
  2. Edit the Dovecot configuration file by typing nano /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf.
  3. Use Ctrl+W to find the line in the file that says disable_plaintext_auth = yes.
  4. Change the yes to a no.

Laser Shark does not recommend this method as it will reduce the security of your server. Email login details will be transmitted in plain text, unencrypted. These instructions are provided for reference only and Laser Shark cannot be held responsible for damage to your server as a result of following these instructions.